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The mission of Proverbs Christian Fellowship Empowerment Institute is to educate, equip and train men and women for the work of the ministry in an Urban context. We will be a spiritually vibrant institution that is academically excellent, growth oriented, financially responsible, affordable and student centered.



Students will gain a broad foundation of the Word of God.  Students will grow thinking skills and hermeneutic technique to rightly divide God’s Word and communicate its meaning logically and persuasively.  Develop cultural awareness to analyze critically and objectively the concept of a Biblical worldview.  We will create within this Christian community an atmosphere of mutual respect and confidence, holding each other accountable to the high calling of Christ, and promoting each other’s spiritual, academic, social, and material well-being.



Students will earnestly pursue increasing excellence in the spiritual, academic and business life of the PCF Empowerment Institute.  Graduates will be characterized as people with a passion for God and His holiness. Students will develop a radical commitment to holy living which includes a careful lifestyle and an evident zeal for proclaiming the good news of the Gospel in contemporary culture.  We will pursue financial costs that are reasonable. That ensures dynamic growth, ensuring the continued development for the work and purposes of God.



Recognize and develop the narrative of their spiritual journey by engaging their own cultural context and heritage and deepening personal awareness of identity and vocation as a disciple of Jesus Christ through intimacy with God. (Identity) Develop a capacity to integrate their academic learning, and their vocational formation with their life in the Spirit, growing in wisdom, skill, faith, hope, and love. (Integration) Articulate a passionate and active participation in Jesus Christ's mission in the world, refined in community and informed by tradition, global realities, and opportunities as well as their own gifts and skills. 


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