Bible School for Everyone!


       We are in partnership with various local churches and founded in the summer of 2015.  Dr. Judy Austin and Pastor Ted Austin joined with Senior Pastor Darrell Gillespie of Proverbs Christian Fellowship Church along with Pastor Michael Bluntson of Faith Kingdom Church to offer the community affordable classes in theological studies.

        We offer a total of ten courses for a one-year certificate program in Biblical Studies.  You would enroll in one class per month and attend class twice a week. The atmosphere is creative and comfortable, and accessible online.  You will receive an integrated course schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny and self-reflection.

        Our instructors are graduates of accredited colleges, universities and seminaries.  They have years of experience in inner-city ministry and eager to pass on their knowledge.  Class discussions are contextualized to address the unique needs of the African American community and other minority groups; all are welcome. 

       We are located within Proverbs Christian  Fellowship Church at 3210 Oliver Avenue North, Minneapolis MN 55412.  See us on or contact us  at

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